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Auction Details


Thursday, June 20, 2019 05:00 PM


Wayne Tjeerdsma


Avon SD


309 Spruce St.
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Vehicle, Skid Steer, ATV, Mower

2004 Bobcat 463 skid steer, 2500 hrs; Polaris Magnum 500 ATV, 4x4, 3600 hrs, Polaris 5’ snow blade; 5’ skid steer bucket, 3’ skid steer bucket; skid steer pallet forks; Scott’s 17.5 h.p., 42” mower, 407 hours

Shop and Metal Working Tools

Edwards 50 ton Ironworker, 8” & 18” brake, hole punch station, set of punches; Ellis Model 9400 variable drill press; Miller Millermatic 250 wire welder; Thermadyne Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 100 plasma cutter; Ellis 6000 belt grinder; IMS 16 speed floor drill press; Farney arc welder; Femi NG120 band saw; Black and Decker 14” chop saw; Apollo band saw; high frequency arc stabilizer; Black Max 13 h.p. 7000 generator; WF&J Barnes turning lathe; 20 ton press; 2 ton cherry picker; pallet jack; Craftsman 12” wood lathe; Black and Decker 6” bench grinder w/ stand; parts washer; 2 Snap-On tool chests; Wagner paint sprayer; Port-A-Power; barrel dolly; acetylene torch & cart; chain hoist; floor & hydraulic jacks; work bench; welding bench; tables; misc. rechargeable and elec. power tools; air impacts, drills, grinders, ratchets, etc; battery chargers; leakage tester; pail tenders; Snap-On and Blue Point tools; Misc. hand tools including hammers, crescent wrenches, end wrenches, pipe wrenches, channel locks, vice grips, and more; tin nibbler; industrial adjustable hole cutter; hole saws; drill bits; sockets and impacts; grease guns; ¾” socket set; creepers; come-along; ext. cords; grease pump; air hose; plus many more items

Buildings and Misc. Supplies

12’x20’ insulated work shed; 10’x18’ storage shed; 500 gal. propane tank; new iron including square tubing, angle iron, flat iron, and cold rolled rod; misc. fuel and oil tanks; lots of hardware and bolt stock; wooden shelves; vinyl siding;  some scrap iron

Also misc. Case SC parts including hood, grill, fuel tank, cast iron front wheels, and more.

For more information contact Wayne Tjeerdsma at 605-286-3221

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