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Honomichl Design Retirment Auction



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Auction Details


Thursday, May 30, 2019 10:00 AM


Honomichl Design


Wagner, SD


300 S Main Ave
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This second auction will consist of Honomichl Design’s entire 38 year accumulation of high quality equipment and tools.  This huge auction will offer a wide variety and large quantity of construction related items of every description.  Building and HVAC contractors, plumbers, electricians, and handy men don’t miss this one!


2000 Bobcat 322 diesel mini track hoe, 1096 hours; Grove SM 3158 E scissor lift; Genie GS-1930 scissor lift; AC ACP 60 6000 lb. cap. gas fork lift; 5x8 low pro 2 wheel scissor lift trailer; Bobcat T108 walk behind trencher; Miller AEAD 200LE generator/welder on cart; Liftmoore 2000 pickup crane; General skid steer post auger; forklift manlift; forklift jib boom; forklift carpet stiner

Trailers, Vehicles

1998 Unit 28’ enclosed trailer; 1992 Hallmark 8’ enclosed trailer; 1997 Utility Mfg. 48’ van trailer, road ready; Trail Rite 6 ½’x16’ car trailer; 7’x16’ car trailer; 2003 Chev. 2500 cargo van, 4.3 liter; 1999 Chev 3500 LS 4x4 w/ contractor utility box & lumber rack; 1998 Chev. Silverado 4x4, long box, ext. cab, tool boxes & Tommy lift; 1985 Chev. 30 19 pass. bus, 6.2 diesel, 31,500 miles; 1979 Ford U Haul plumbers truck.

Tools & Misc Construction Equipment

2 Rigid 300 threaders; Rigid 700 hand held threader; several sets of Rigid dies, reamers, cutters, etc; multi head thread cutter; 2 ½” to 4” threading mule; Victaulic pipe groover; Cold-Shot pipe freeze kit; Rigid sewer machine; Wacker 3” trash pump; 8’ sheet metal brake; Malco mini brake; box tin brake; 2 sheet metal lock formers; sheet metal slitter; sheet metal drive bender; sheet metal roller & rack; CO2 duct jack; many elec. sheet metal tools; MBW 6000 plate packer; Mikasa packer; Dewalt elec. jack hammer; concrete core drill, up to 8”; Bosch Max hammer drill; Stihl TS 360 concrete saw; many concrete tools; job site tool boxes; surveyor transit; transit legs; sewer camera; Stabila plumbing laser; sheet rock jack; sheet rock & taping tools; Spectra laser plane; Milwaukee thermal imaging gun; 2 Milwaukee pro pec expansion tools; Alnor air balancer hood; Delta 14” radial arm saw; Delta 10” uni-saw; several Dewalt chop saws; new tools including 7” tile wet saws; 7” ceramic saws; pneumatic flooring nailer & floor stapler; floor stripper; grinders; sanders; Rigid pipe wrenches up to 48”; comb. wrenches up to 1 ¾”; socket sets; many misc. hand tools; hole saw bits; elec. knock outs; pipe clamps; many elec. and rechargeable power tools; air compressors; air bumper jack; jack stands; banding machine; several Stabila levels; lots of scaffolds & plank; cherry picker; p.u. fuel tank; dumpster; gas generator; LB White heater; large shop fans; appliance carts; rolling moving cart; carpet rollers; Werner ext. ladders; Werner step ladders up to 12’; shop lights; heavy duty elec. cords; Clark floor buffer; many ratchet straps; job site temporary fence; plus many more items far too numerous to mention.


33” cast iron bell; large 30” cast iron scalding kettle

For more information contact Honomichl Design at 605-384-5416

Peterson Auctioneers

Terms- Cash

Not responsible for accidents 

Lunch will be served by Wagner High School Spanish Club