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Honomichl Design Retirment Auction



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Auction Details


Saturday, May 18, 2019 10:00 AM


Honomichl Design


Wagner, SD


300 S Main Ave
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After having been in the retail and building contracting business for 38 years, the Honomichl's have decided it is time to retire and will offer their entire huge remaining inventory at auction. Building contractors, electricians, plumbers, do it yourselfers, don't miss this great auction of building and home improvement items. 

 36 4’  Lozier gondola shelving units; 50 4’  Lozier wall shelving units; 8 3’x7’ steel shelves; transolid sink; Onyx 43” vanity top; various vanities and marble tops; drop in utility tubs; medicine cabinets; toilets & toilet repairs; s.s. grab bars; In-Sink-Erator garbage disposals; 3 Rinnai on demand water heaters; many Moen faucets; accessories and repairs; flare & compression fitting & cabinet display; brass pipe fittings & cabinet display; copper fittings 3/8” to 2”, some larger; copper tubing up to ¾” ; barbed brass fittings; nylon fittings; M & L ½” to 2” copper pipe; brass and PVC valves; schedule 40 1 ½” to 6” PVC pipe; complete line of schedule 40 1 ½” to 6” PVC fittings; ½” to 4” PVC pressure fittings; large selection of black and galvanized pipe & fittings ½” to 2”; nipple assortment trays; lots of pipe insulation and fittings; large fuse display; elec. supplies & repair parts of every description; wire counter; thermostat wire; many light fixtures & bulbs; surge arrestors & test plugs; steel & PVC elec. conduit; furnace & AC & appliance repair parts; many furnace filters; refrigeration line filters; lp gas connections & flex lines; lp gas thermo couplers; POL connectors; appliance hook ups; washing machine and dishwasher tubing; tubing and air hose up to ¾” ; b vent chimney piping; furnace registers; rubber lp gas hose; 1000’s of feet of ½” floor heat tubing, all less than 300’; AC line sets; various AC premold pads; rotating nail bin and nails; 12’ nail bin and nails; many boxes of nails, screws, bolts, lags, and anchors; large selection of new bolt & screw stock in cabinets; redi-rod; large assortment of O rings; fernco & no hub fittings; sealed sewage pump basins; commercial and residential floor drains; black poly water pipe; various used furnaces; lots of galvanized square & round duct work; spiral duct; round & square duct work fittings; uni-strut loop & 2 hole pipe hangers from ¾” to 6”; galvanized & painted uni-strut; approx. 80 pcs. Of 8” concrete siding; 3’x14’ white steel; 2x6’s up to 20’; lumber; some plywood 4x8x1/4” underlayment; lots of carpet molding; Karndean tile and plank adhesive; some shake shingles; 1 ½” and 2” Styrofoam; Quikrete; 45 & 90 Quikset; premixed grout; many new small hand tools; drill & router bits; paint & paint supplies etc. Fletcher glass cutter & glass; office supplies including office desks, files, book cases etc.; 27'x10' s.s. coil mall door w/ electric operator; large 4'x6'x2 1/2' 2 door safe; fireproof 5 drawer file; 9- 4'x8'x10' warehouse shelf units; 2' & 3' Lozier shelves; 1 1/2" to 5" galvanized pipe; 25'x2' standing seam metal roofing; 4'x8' plastic sign board; Larson storm doors & windows; recessed light cans & trim; lots of 93"x47"x1/4" smoked plate glass; used ice machine; Kohler lav. sinks; 3 & 4 compt. s.s. sinks; under bar s.s. sink; s.s. disposal top; commercial glass washer; plus many more building construction and home improvement items far to numerous to mention


For more information call Honomichl Design @ 605-384-5416

Also watch for upcoming Equipment and Tool Auction to be held on May 30th

Peterson Auctioneers

Terms-  Cash

Not responsible for accidents

Lunch will be served by Wagner High School Spanish Club