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Auction Details


Saturday, August 03, 2019 09:30 AM


Romaine Kocer Estate


Wagner, SD


406 N. Main
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The late Romaine Kocer was the IHC dealer in Wagner, SD from 1961 to 1985.  In that time and in his retirement he accumulated a wide variety and huge quantity of IHC tractors, implements, and parts.  IHC collectors don’t  miss this life time collection of nearly 100% vintage IHC items. 

We will starting with iron at 9:30

IHC Tractors, Grader, Crawler

M w/ MB power grader; TD-9 crawler w/ Drott Loader, 4 inl bucket, completer but not running; 2 Farmall Cub hi boys w/ 1 row cults. 12V, hyd. power; 3 Cub Lo-Boys, 1 pt. fast hitches, 1 w/ 5’ sickle mower, 1 w/ belly mower; IHC 140, live power, 1 pt. hitch; IHC 240, 3pt., loader; 340 project tractor; Super A, 1 pt. hitch, w.f.; Super C n.f. 460 gas, fast hitch, IHC w.f., p.s., IHC 2000 loader; 300 gas, fast hitch, w.f., p.s. & F-10 loader;  400 gas, IHC w.f.; 2 560 diesels, IHC w.f., fast hitches; 2 W9 projects, 1 w/ backhoe, 1 w/ loader; Regular w/ skeleton wheels; Cub 154 Lo-Boy w/ belly mower; Cub Cadet 129 mower; Cub parts tractors; Cub Cadet 100 w/ snowblower & mower; 460 & 560 parts tractors


IHC 2 row mt. planter for H or C; 2 pt. 1 bottom roll over plow; 1 pt. potato plow; 4 row mt. cults; IHC 2 bottom pull type plows; listers; cyclo planters; IHC 9’ mower; several belly mowers; IHC 1 bottom breaking plow; IHC 37 tandem disc; IHC ground and pto drive manure spreaders; IHC 210 windrowers; Dual 100 loader; dump rake; wagons; F-10 buckets & hay bucks; 715 parts combine; 3 pt. log splitter; straight disc; 5’ 3pt. tiller; lots of machinery & iron for salvage.


A huge selection of IHC tractor parts from the 1940’s thru 1960’s consisting of a complete 560 fast hitch, rebuilt short block for Cub, alum. pistons; A, B, & C rear tires; wide fronts; narrow fronts; heads; short blocks; tin work; fenders; radiators; pulleys; lights; mags; spark plugs; ignition parts; tires; rims; plus much, much more.

Project & Parts Vehicles, Truck, Trailers

1975 Scout Traveler, 4x4; 1960's Scout 800, 2WD; 4 Cushman Trucksters; 1972 Ford 7000 cab over, Cat diesel w/ 24’ roll back bed; 16’ bumper car trailer, tandem axel hyd. dump box; V.W. Rabbit diesel

IHC Antiques & Collectibles

IHC toolebox; Arcade McCormick Deering manure spreader & threshing machine; Arcade IHC truck; cast iron plow; Kocer Impl. IHC rain gauges, thermometers, & calendars; many Ertl 1/16th scale IHC tractors & implements, many NIB.al 

Shop & Misc

Overhead chain hoist & stand; porta power; acetylene & propane torches; 2 large drill presses & bits; Sioux valve grinder & attach.; Cummins cherry picker; Power Kraft 3’metal turning lathe; shop press; large rolling tool cabinet; arc welder; air compressor; anvil; many elec. & air power tools; bench grinders; vises; threaders; easy outs; taps & dies; comb. wrenches up to 2”; socket & wrench sets; crescents; pipe wrenches; many misc. hand tools of every description; floor jack; various jacks; many tractor chains; log chains; binders; lots of new & used bolt stock, washers, nuts, etc. plus many more items yet to be uncovered

Romaine Kocer Estate

For more information call Peterson Auctioneers 605-369-2638

Or Bill Kocer, P.R. 209-324-6693