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Auction Details


Saturday, May 01, 2021 10:00 AM


Various Local Owners


Tyndall SD


1609 Laurel St.
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1/2 block west of grocery store

Coins Will Sell at 10:00 am


Morgan dollars; Peace dollars; Walking Liberty halves; Seated Liberty halves; Franklin halves; Mercury dimes; Barber dimes; 3 cent silver coins; V nickels; Buffalo nickels; 2 cent coins; Indian head pennies; Wheat pennies; WWII steel pennies; Ike dollars; Kennedy halves; 1923 Horse Blanket silver certificate; several silver certificates; Silver Eagles; several proof sets; several commemorative coins; foreign coins; misc. collector supplies & literature

Collectible Advertising Pieces

We have a large selection of advertising pieces including the towns of Kaylor, Tripp, Tyndall, Yankton, Parkston, Scotland and more! Businesses include Golden Harvest, COOP, Dekalb, Zip Feed, Farmers Union Oil; Weber implement; Country Store; Scotland Elec.; Phillips 66; Williams Chevy; Farmers State Bank; Kaylor Grain Co.; Kaylor Farmers Elev.; Ron’s Service; Kronaizl Ins.; Konrad & Rembold Hardware and several others; Several AG and RG Honner pieces; Items include thermometers; rain gauges; tape measures; Watts pitcher; calendars; steel & wood yard sticks; ash trays; S&Ps; pocket knives; calculators; playing cards; plates; matchstick holder; visor shields; key chains; mugs; thermos sets; flash lights; butter tray; pens & pencils; levels; large Fullerton Lumber vinyl sign; and several other local advertising pieces in excellent condition!


Cast iron horse & wagon set; antique accordion;  Olympia beer sign; McCoy Cookie Jar; rope maker; sausage stuffer; meat grinder; Skelly oil can; Surge Milk tin sign; Winchester pocket knife; tin toy oven and tea set; Aladin Lamp; kerosene lamps; adv. Piggy banks; skeleton keys; JD, IH, & Oliver manuals; wrist & pocket watches; Dekalb, Zip Feeds, & JD hats; Golden Sun Feeds Jackets; JD clock; JD Patio lights; JD wind chimes; JD moisture tester; Dekalb knife sets; Dekalb glass set; zinc lids; S&Ps; Poosh-m-up Jr game; 45 mm. records; table top hockey game; Terry Redlin prints; wild life pictures; belt buckles; antique pictures & frames; cross cut saws; antique wrenches; IH red books; Tractor field books from 40's and 50's; Cooperator tractor catalogs from 20's and 30's; Metal Camel cigarette sign, Nice; Watts ware; Pocket ledgers; Hamms serving tray; Redwing vase; Covered chicken; Porky lunch box; Bull banks- 3 sizes; Threshers pot; Roy Rodgers and Lone Ranger puzzles; Daisy 4 qt churn; Terry Redlin prints; Radio ampliphiers; 

Lawn Mower & Tools

Troy-Bilt 42” cut riding mower; Power Mate air comp.; B&D miter saw; Craftsman jointer-planer; Shop Vac air filter; B&D bench grinder; wood planes; draw knives; Min-Kota trolling motor; router & table; elec. & cordless drills; wrench sets, saws & more

Peterson Auctioneers

Terms-Cash or good check.  We do not accept debit or credit cards so plan accordingly.

Not Responsible for accidents