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Auction Details


Tuesday, August 06, 2019 10:00 AM


Harold Ludens & Ivan Ludens Estate


Springfield SD


41177 314th Street
Map It


4 miles west of Springfield or from Standing Bear Bridge 4 miles north and 1 3/4 miles east


J.D. 4850, MFD, 15 spd. power shift, triple hyd. 20.8x38 axle mt. duals, ser. 013658; J.D. 4630, 2 hyd. quad, 20.8x38 rubber, 7400 hrs., ser. 014979; J.D. 4430 w/ J.D. 58 loader, quad, tiple hyd. 18.4x38 rubber

Truck, Grain Trailer, & Vehicle

1995 Freightliner FLD 120, 3406 E CAT engine, super 10 spd., 900k, recent overhaul, flat tip sleeper; 1993 Tempte 42’ grain trailer, 72” sides; 68 Chev. 2 dr. hardtop w/ 327, parts; 1990 Chev. 4x4 pickup;  Ford flathead motors & parts; many vehicles for scrap.

Planting and Tillage Equipment

J.D. 635 rock flex disc, 21’, new bearings & blades; J.D. 7100, 10 R.W. hyd. fold planter; J.D. 7000, 10 R.W. front fold planter; Heston 25’ rock flex disc; J.D. 12 row tool bar; J.D. 5, and 6 bottom pull type plows; 7 section hyd. fold drag; A.C. 24’ pull type field cult.; IH 55, 14’ mounted chisel; IH 55, 14’ pull type chisel; J.D. RM 4 row 3pt. cult.; 3 bottom CIH plow; 8 row Danish tine 3 pt. field cult.; pull type sprayer w/ hyd. pump; Ford 4 bottom plow

Harvest and Hay Equipment

A.C. Gleaner L3, M3, and M combines; 6 R.N. corn head; 2- 5 R.W. corn heads; 4 R.W. corn head; J.D. 5 R.W. corn head / bish adap.; Gleaner 16’ & 20’ bean heads; J.D. 240, 14’ swing tongue windrower, 1000 rpm; CIH 8480 big round baler; Heston 2000-150 cutter, 2 & 3 R.W. heads; MY-D-HAND-Y 8”x60’ auger; Heston Stack Hand 30A; 250 bushel g.f wagon w/ drill fill; J&M 400 bushel gravity flow, 13 ton gear; 6’ brush mower; several Rhorda boxes; 2 rake hitch; Farmhand feeder wagon; 3 pt bale spears & forks


Chief 12000 bushel grain bin w/ aeration & heat element; MY-D-HAN-D head gate; new For-Most A-25 self catch head gate; 1400 gal poly tank; 600 gal. propane tank; 2- 500 gal. fuel tanks w/ elec. pumps; set of 18.4x38 axle mt. duals; clamp on duals; gas transfer pumps; propane tank heater; misc. gates; arc welders; wire winder;  various tires & rims; cattle oiler; rough feeder on gear; misc. fencing supplies; many items for scrap

Consigned Items

J.D. 630 w/ J.D. W.F; Ford 601 tractor; Ford 2 bottom mt. plow

Peterson Auctioneers

Terms- Cash

Not responsible for accidents