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Upcoming Auctions

Stationary Engines, Vintage Car Parts, Antiques
Sunday, September 10, 2017 11:00 AM
Owners: Bob and Darlene Kolda
Address: 4403 N Broadway Hwy 81, Yankton, SD
Directions: 2 miles North of Walmart

ENGINES, CAR PARTS  JD 1 1/2 & 3 hp on carts, complete & loose; Economy 5,6 & 7 hp all on carts, complete & loose: 2—Economy 1 1/2 hp complete & loose, on cart; Sattley 4KX 4 hp on cart, complete & loose; Nova 4 hp on cart, complete & loose; Fairbanks Moorse Z 2 hp & 1 1/2 hp on carts, complete & loose; International 1 1/2 hp w/fuel pump on cart, complete & loose; 2—International LB 1 1/2 hp, complete & loose, 1 on cart; Wittie 1 1/2 hp on car, complete & loose; Ottawa 1 1/2 hp on cart w/5’ saw, complete & loose; Int LA complete & loose; Int M stuck; Cushman Cub R-14 1 1/2 hp, complete & loose; Delco 32V light plant; Maytag 1&2 cyl engines; Sears & Briggs 1 cyl air cooled Kick start engines; Briggs, Clinton & Wisconsin air cooled engines; Ford Model A eng, complete; Chev 216 & 235 6 cyl eng; Lots of stationary engine parts; Johnson 3&5 hp Seahorse ob’s; Elto Light Twin ob; 1947-53 Chev corner cab glass; 1951-52 Chev corner rear windows; 1928-53 Chev starters, generators, dist, carbs; 1928 Chev trans, axles, heads; 1949-53 Chev trans & axles; 1928 Chev head & parking lights; 1951 Chev pu trans; 1951-52 Chev fender skirts hood ornament; Engine carts; Model A parts; Many car horns; 6V car heaters; Vacuum tanks; Gaskets; Many oilers; Grease cups; Brass Valves; Spark plugs; Old jacks; Hand tire pumps; Chev hubcaps; New Baby Moons; 1941-67-72 Chev tail gates; Radiators; 21” Chev tires & rims; 14”, 15” & 16” Chev 6 hole tires & rims; Radiators; Plus more old car parts.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES  Fairbanks Morse stationary grinder; JD 1 hole corn sheller; Walking plow; Wagon seat; Cast iron seats; Phillips 66 porcelain sign, rough; Childs pedal tractor; Dazey churn; Sad iron; Cast iron items; Old pulleys; Oil cans; Clothes wringer; Rinse tubs; Hand cult; Bee smoker; School desks; Hubley model cars; Unusual bottle capper; Medicine bottles; Kerosene lamps; Plus more small antiques & collectables.

SHOP & MISC  Ridgid 1/2—3/4” thread cutter; Gear pullers; Glaze breaker; Ridge reamers; Dwell meters; Timing lights; Torque wrench; Misc tools; Floor jack; Jacks & stands; Battery chargers; Big Mow riding mower; Air compressor; Knipco heaters; Coleman propane & fuel heaters; Gas cans; Tow ropes; Log chains; Shop lights; Small turning lathe; 2 wheel trailer frame; Sheets of stainless steel; Bikes; BB & pellet rifles; Plus more.

Bob Kolda has been restoring and collecting for decades.  If you are into hit & miss engines and vintage automotive plan to attend this auction.                     LUNCH SERVED

Bob & Darlene Kolda, Owners

phone 605-665-3789 or cell 660-4017


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Terms: Cash or check accompanied by photo ID. We do not accept debit or credit cards. Not Responsible for Accidents.